Who Should I See

We know it can be confusing to work out who you need to see for a particular problem, so we have produced this table to try and make things a bit easier.

Health care professional Problem
Community Pharmacist (no appointment necessary) Minor illness: coughs, colds, rashes, hay fever, warts, verrucae, conjunctivitis, thrush etc.
Urgent Treatment Centre (Selby Hospital) Minor injuries: burns, cuts, breaks, sprains etc.
Health visitor Behavioural and feeding issues in the under 5s
Receptionist Follow up sick notes, medication and appointment queries, routine blood forms
Health Care Assistant Blood pressure checks, heart tracings, health checks, new patient reviews, simple dressings, simple medication reviews, removal of stitches and staples, B12 injections, blood tests (if you cannot access Selby Hospital), application of 24 hour BP monitors
Practice Nurse Smear tests, breathing reviews, diabetic reviews, leg ulcers, complicated dressings, ear syringing, contraception reviews, emergency contraception, hormone implants (non-contraception),immunisations and travel vaccinations, doppler tests, medication reviews
Practice Pharmacist Medication queries
Well Being Worker Support for a variety of issues including stress, bereavement and low mood
First Contact Physio Problems with neck, back, bones, joints or muscles
Urgent Care Practitioner ​Minor illness diagnosis and management. Acute back pain. Minor injuries
Immunisation clinic Childhood immunisations
Advanced Nurse Practitioner Minor illness diagnosis and management and more complex medical issues, emergency contraception, contraception, medication reviews
GP More complex medical issues, contraception