Nursing Team

Advanced Clinical Practitioners

Dianne Butterworth and Emma Fish are both advanced clinical practitioners. Dianne and Emma can see and prescribe for patients with various health problems, particularly minor illnesses.


Our lead nurse Chrissie Norris and our nursing team, Lynn Franks, Eilidh Grundy, Emily Lewis-Ashley and Simone Rustage, run surgeries daily and can be consulted for nursing problems such as wound dressings, stitch removal and blood pressure checks. They also give injections and immunisations including a full range of travel vaccinations (where the vaccination is available for free via the NHS). Visit the Immunisations page for more details.

The nursing team also help in the monitoring of chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, chronic kidney disease and high blood pressure. They are also able to give contraceptive advice and can arrange for emergency contraception (morning after pill). This service is also available from the Urgent Treatment Centre at Selby War Memorial Hospital or your local pharmacy.

Healthcare Assistants

Our Health Care Assistants, Alison Krygsman and Kayleigh Marshall, are able to do blood pressure checks, heart tracings (ECG), some dressings and wound checks and take blood from patients who are unable to attend Selby War Memorial Hospital. Our HCAs also runs the warfarin clinics.