Weight Management

North Yorkshire Partnerships - Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives

The healthy weight, healthy lives strategy has been developed by North Yorkshire County Council to help deliver the aims and ambitions of the North Yorkshire health and wellbeing board – that ‘People in all communities in North Yorkshire have equal opportunities to live long healthy lives’.

Website: www.nypartnerships.org.uk/healthyweight

Email: nypublic@northyorks.gov.uk

Change4Life Food Facts

Change4Life is there to help your family be healthier and happier. Find out more about what’s really in the food your family eats.

Twitter: @Change4Life

Facebook: @Change4life

Website: www.nhs.uk/change4life – Food Facts

North Yorkshire County Council - Healthy Weight and Eating Well

Information about healthy eating, a balanced diet and local weight management services to help you keep a healthy weight.

Website: www.northyorks.gov.uk – Healthy Weight and Eating Well

Am I a Healthy Weight?

Calculate your BMI using this NHS Tool

Website: NHS: BMI Calculator

Slimming World

You’ll find delicious recipe and menu ideas at your local group, along with all the help you need to get started and reach your target weight.

Website: www.slimmingworld.co.uk

One You - Active 10

Download the free Active 10 app today

Doing 10 minutes of brisk walking is a simple, achievable way to add more activity into your day.

Start small and build up from there – you might be surprised how much you can do!

Download from: iTunes: One You Active 10 Walk Tracker

Download from: Google Play: One You Active 10 Walk Tracker

Change4Life Food Scanner

Download the Change4Life Food Scanner app to bring labels to life and find out what’s really in the food and drink you’re buying.

Download from: iTunes: Change4Life Food Scanner 4+

Download from: Google Play: Change4Life Food Scanner 4+

Couch to 5K

Get off the couch and running 5K in just 9 weeks. Grab your trainers and follow the step-by-step audio instructions.

Download from: iTunes: One You Couch to 5K 4+

Download from: Google Play: One You Couch to 5K 4+

Weight Watchers

Meetings, online or a little bit of both. Weight Watchers have options and support, whatever your lifestyle.

Website: www.weightwatchers.com/uk